My passion for the arts began at an early age, while watching my father Robert Sumner paint & draw. 
After high school, I went on to study at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Photography. Succeeding my degree in 2008, I moved overseas where I spent almost 2 years living and traveling in Australia and New Zealand. In 2010, I moved to South East Asia, where I spent the next 5 years traveling between Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand. It was there I practiced the art of photography, while teaching kid’s English classes in Northern Vietnam. In 2015 I co-organized the "Orphans of the Temple" event in Hanoi where I traveled to the countryside to photograph over 30 orphans living in an ancient temple being raised by a Buddhist monk. I photographed these charismatic individuals, and held an exhibit in Hanoi where 100% of the proceeds went to the orphans. 
          Now home after 7 years, I am home volunteering with NBOP on a photo series that hopes to raise awareness on voter engagement & bring attention to the issues surrounding Sonoma County & it's residents. This past June, I taught photography to kids of all ages with my lovely sister Jessica Reynolds (owner of CeraLuna Apparel eco friendly wearable art) at Parkside school in Sebastopol through Art at the Heart Academy, which was one of my most rewarding ventures yet. ​​
​Today I continue to practice the art form I love, and take great pleasure in sharing my photographs with the world.